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[대구e-스터디(e학습터) 운영] [교사용] 2. 사용강좌개설 및 주제 구성

e학습터 똑똑하게 이용하기/ e학습터에 외부 학습 컨텐츠 링크걸기/차시별 수업내용 업로드 하기

e학습터를 온라인 수업 기반으로 삼으려는 학교가 많아 e학습터 이용에 관해 궁금증이 많이 생기는 요즘입니다.

이번 영상은 e학습터에 시간표에 맞춰 차시별 수업내용을 업로드 하는 방법과 e학습터에 등재 되지 않은 ebs, 유튜브 등의 외부 학습 자료를 e학습터에 가져와 내 수업 컨텐츠로 활용하는 방법을 안내드리는 영상입니다.

온라인 수업을 준비하시는 선생님 누구라도 그대로 따라만 하시면 되도록 최대한 쉽게 풀어내려고 노력했습니다. ^^;

그리고 저도 지금 온라인수업과 온라인 학습컨텐츠 제작을 공부해 나가면서 만드는 거라 부족한 점이 있더라도 너그러이 양해 부탁드립니다. ^^

대한민국 모든 선생님들이 온라인 수업의 두려움에서 벗어나는 그날 까지
함께 공부하고 함께 해결합시다. ^^ 온라인수업.......... 쫄! 지! 마!!
루판 : 요링크가 e학습터 링크https://cls2.edunet.net/cyber/ss/scna/pscn000b01.do
흰둥이 : 빠끄
Sun미스터 : 10분 이후에 영상 없습니다~~
바람옆 : 감사합니다^^. 꼭 필요한 영상입니다.  썸네일 올리는것을 몰랐는데 덕분에 해결되었습니다.

REAL TIME study with me (no music): 7 HOUR Productive Pomodoro Session | KharmaMedic

Hey guys! This is the mother of study with me videos - real time study with me for 7 hours - madness! Happy to be part of #studygram / #studytube because I really enjoy making study vlogs! I recorded 600GB of footage for this between the new cameras and lets just say my laptop almost died by the time it was all said and done. If you enjoyed the video please do leave a like and let me know in a comment down below! I hope this keeps you occupied until I film another one

Instagram: https://instagram.com/KharmaMedic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KharmaMedic
Hit that notification bell!

Youtube Gear: https://kit.co/KharmaMedic
Medical School Notes: https://www.etsy.com/shop/kharmamedicMedical School Books: https://kit.co/KharmaMedic
Favourite iPad Screen Protector: https://www.paperlike.com/kharmamedic Skillshare: https://skillshare.eqcm.net/G5r4k
LibertyMedics: https://course.libertymedics.com/a/t3k2i
Wallet: https://bit.ly/2SYZBk1
*the above links are affiliate links that help support the channel

If you appreciate the hard work that went into this video please show it some love and drop me a like \u0026 comment! If you're feeling extra ⚡️ you can share this video with your friends and on social media!

‍♂️ My name is Nasir Kharma and I am a graduate student studying medicine on the undergraduate course at King's College London. This channel is dedicated to helping aspiring doctors reach their goals by getting into medical school and giving prospective medical students an insight into life at medical school. I hope these videos help :)

Contact me: If you've got a question feel free to leave me a comment on one of my youtube videos or follow me on instagram and send me a DM over there! If your question is business related then send me an email at nasirkharmamedical@gmail.com
Kharma Medic : I'M BAAAAACK I hope this video helps you be more productive during this quarantine/lockdown we’ve found ourselves in!
I wish you the best of luck studying for any upcoming tests or assignments or whatever it is that you’re doing
Please continue to be safe and practice social distancing, it helps a lot! ‍
Check back in next Thursday for a video with a lot more talking in it haha.
Have a wonderful day, Peace ✌
Gissele Palero : I don't usually skip ads to show my appreciation to YTubers who worked hard for this kind of sessions. But this one's got 2 hours of ad after Pomodoro 3?! Sorry I had to skip that one out. :-(

But huge thanks to you, I'm on my 3rd book this month whilst studying along with you on my weekends!
Lynn Abunai - Fashion & Life : I'm a CS/Math major and I need to loop this session D:
I study soooo much, lololol
ritwika dagar : Bro, why are you reading the comments? Get back to studying.
Sofía Ramírez : También es un constante recuerdo de que debo tomar agua.
Tiya Sharma : I don’t know but if anyone else find watching him so peaceful and calm all the time ?? like I have been noticing this in all of his videos lately !!
Anyways I love him soo much ❤️❤️
Max Fan : your mouse is rly cool
Gabriel : And after 5 minutes you hide the telephone and put your headphones, he call to announce you that you win 3 million dollars!...
10 Hours Study :





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