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Adobe Photoshop CS5 - How To Remove The Background Of An Image.

Check out the gaming channel below, really appreciate it!

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to remove the background of an image to leave you with the foreground as an individual layer. Once again sorry if the tutorial was bit rushed and hard to understand at times, I'm trying to complete and upload two tutorials today before I go out. Thanks.

Hope this Tutorial Helps, Enjoy!
im4ubabe : what if the background is not just plain white, but is more complex combination of several colors.
Michael Mcgee : thank you for this tutoral
George Shavi : that was fantastic thanks bro
Mani Mehran : For fast and quick service for removing background of images at low cost ViSit this link and order now........
Renz Mari Acuña : check out the easy tutorial on how to remove/change the background of your photos WITHOUT using adobe photoshop on my channel guys! :D

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial: Basic Editing

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Retro Hills : Love these man! Keep it Up
xAussieBloke : to apply the transform you can press enter or click the tick button
Epic Videos : Thanks a ton for making these videos!!.. they really helped me a lot! :)
Caxton Edward Ampate : i will be glad to download the videos and watch later
Jerome Molinyawe : Thank you very much

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